Why Is Everyone Love About Serta Memory Foam Topper?

If you’ve grown tired of constantly getting massages and taking pills to reduce back aches then the Serta Memory Foam Topper is just what you need. This foam topper can be installed on any type of mattress, providing you with all the benefits that memory foam brings: enhanced back support and relieved pressure points!

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Serta Memory Foam Topper – What Do You Need To Know About It?

Some people can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for a memory foam mattress. Others can’t even afford to pay several hundred dollars for one. If budget is tight, but your back is killing you and you really want to do something about it, then the Serta Memory Foam Topper is the answer to all your questions!

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Let’s Take a Look At The Features:

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  • Pillow-top layer adds soft support
  • Provides enhanced comfort and support
  • Eliminates painful pressure points
  • Includes premium Egyptian Cotton Cover
  • Memory foam made in the USA


Here Are Some Great Benefits of Having A Serta Memory Foam Topper:

  • Besides the soft support added by the memory foam topper, the other advantages of memory foam also become visible: it will respond to your body’s temperature and it will match your body’s shape.
  • The pain in your back is eliminated as the mattress relieves all body pressure points.
  • The premium Egyptian cotton cover that is provided greatly increased the life of the mattress, and it is washable.


Serta Memory Foam Topper Owner’s Experience and Impressions:

The Serta Memory Foam Topper has received numerous positive reviews from users all over the world. Most users seem to agree that this is an excellent alternative to anyone looking to buy a regular memory foam mattress, but, naturally, there are also some who disliked it and sent it back.

Even though the serta memory foam supreme topper is not a regular mattress, it still comes vacuum packed. Users were surprised at the size of the package when they received it, as it was smaller than expected. Also, due to the packaging, chemical smell can be a problem, for a while. Most users reported that the smell disappeared after 48 hours, although it too much longer for a few users.

Many serta memory foam topper reviews mention the fact that the mattress is just as comfortable as a memory foam mattress. Users also mention the fact that the topper only has 2 inches of memory foam and 2 inches of a softer pad. Some users didn’t know what to expect, and this came as a surprise to them.

In fact, some users were so surprised of this that they felt cheated. They though the serta 4 inch memory foam topper had 4 inches of memory foam, and they felt like 2 inches was too little. However, after a little while, those who didn’t return the topper realized that 2 inches was more than enough and that they were getting an excellent night’s sleep.

All customers reported that back support is excellent and that, even with just 2 inches of memory foam, a regular spring mattress can’t compare! Back pains were completely eliminated after the first couple of nights, and most customers report that they never slept on a more comfortable surface.

The user excerpts below show just what customers felt about the Serta Memory Foam Topper and what pleased or displeased them.

Let Me Show You What Some Other Users Are Saying About The Serta Memory Foam Topper:

“… Since I move around a lot in my sleep I was bothering my boyfriend, because we sleep on a spring mattress and every movement is felt. I decided to save his health so I invested in this memory foam topper. I couldn’t be more happier with it, as my boyfriend no longer feels when I move, and we’re both sleeping much better!…Click Here To Read More – >

- D. Tay {review re-written for uniqueness. Read The Original Review Here}


“…This pad is the perfect solution for me. The old pillow top I had had lost all cushioning ability and my shoulders were beginning to hurt if I lay on my side for longer periods of time. This has removed that problem and I love it!……Click Here To Read More – >

- A Reader {review re-written for uniqueness. Read The Original Review Here}


“…I bought this on sale last Christmas. We were considering purchasing a foam mattress but we decided to get this instead. It arrived in just 2 days and we removed our 2 inch memory foam, to replace it with this. The package contains 2 separate pieces: a 2 inch memory foam and a 2 inch pillow top. The cover combines both of them on top of the mattress and it is very comfortable. I am no longer looking for a new mattress, and this was a much cheaper alternativeClick Here To Read More – >

- AJEvyDar {review re-written for uniqueness. Read The Original Review Here}


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The Good :

  • Provides enhanced comfort and soft support
  • Painful pressure points are eliminated
  • Includes premium Egyptian Cotton Cover which extends the life of the mattress
  • Memory foam made in the USA

The Bad:

  • Some people were disappointed to see that the memory foam layer is only 2 inch thick.
  • Other people complained that the memory foam layer was too firm.


The Serta Memory Foam Topper has the advantage of working with any mattress, regardless if it’s spring based, air based or foam based. Simply using it on top of the mattress will provide all the benefits of memory foam, so don’t be quick to dismiss it for an expensive mattress. This may be all that you need!


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